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“Our main goal is to bring out the best in terms of moral and academic standard in all our students”

Ibrahim Faruq, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Tofarz Global Educational Consult is a fast growing educational institute which was fully registered for establishment in the year 2016 for the sole aim of catering for students’ academic needs, across all levels. We register, tutor and prepare students for IJMB and JUPEB examinations.

We also organise tutorials for students preparing for JAMB, WAEC GCE, among other qualifying examinations. At Tofarz, we entertain private classes and tutorial sessions for undergraduates who encounter challenges with their courses.

Who We Are

We are concerned with equipping our students with necessary information, knowledge and skill set required to survive in any institution, while also instilling discipline and morals in them.

We have conducive hostel, sporting and recreational facilities for our students who choose to stay around. We understand the proportion has to be balanced to get the results we desire. Over the years, we have recorded over 85% success stories, as we keep track of the activities of our students. It’s also important to note here that our students who seek admission get provisional admissions to schools of their choice.

About Our IJMB Program

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board is an Advanced Level (A’level)  11-12 months programme being supervised and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and setup to serve as an alternative method of gaining admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria into 200 level via Direct Entry (D.E) form.

IJMB -Interim Joint Matriculation Board is a nine month Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria moderated Advanced Level (A’Level) programme. IJMB is a federal government programme approved programme, IJMB is moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria and IJMB is certified by Nigerian University Commission (NUC)

During the 11-12 months of the program, registered candidates would be accommodated in the college’s hostel and would receive extensive lectures covering the syllabus (IJMB syllabus). Depending on the year’s calendar, candidate would be given breaks to visit their permanent home of residents. Daily quiz, weekly tests, monthly tests, group assignments, group projects and mock exams are our modes of assessing our students.

IJMB which allow successful students to get admissions into 200 level of almost Nigerian universities and candidates can actually study any course of their choice with this interesting programme including but not limited to Medicine, Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Mass comm. Linguistics ETC. You can see the list of Nigerian universities that accept IJMB into 200 level. Normally, IJMB  is supposed to be 10 months program, but since students are not going to resume at the same time, hence we have students who only ended up spending between 7 months and 5 months throughout the IJMB programme.

IJMB allows you to choose three courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study at the university of your choice. The highest point for each course is five(5) points, which is equivalent to A. That is, all the three courses will have fifteen (15) points in total, with an addition to N extra one 1point allotted to candidate who do not fail any of the three course i.e doesn’t have F. Making a total of sixteen points (16) altogether.

Point Being Given In IJMB

A = 5 courses/subjects
B = 4 points
C = 3 points
D = 2  points
E = 1 points
F = 0 points

For a candidate to be considered to have passed IJMB exam, such candidate must have a minimum of 5 points.


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